Special Notice:

“Three organizations, the Pickleball Hall of Fame, USA Pickleball, and USA Pickleball Hall of Fame, have reached an understanding, that if completed, would result in one Pickleball Hall of Fame. This enhanced organization would be formed by representatives from the three bodies that would produce enhanced bylaws and a new Board of Directors. The overall purpose of this action is to create the best Pickleball Hall of Fame to honor all those already enshrined and those yet to come.”

This special notice was issued today, November 18, by all three organizations.


Chairman’s Letter:

There’s been a number of changes since we initially began our existence, which we’re hoping will further improve pickleball’s role in history. First is the announcement above where USA Pickleball (USAP), the Pickleball Hall of Fame (PHOF), and USA Pickleball Hall of Fame (HOF) have reached a mutual understanding to work towards one Hall of Fame.

Our current vice-chair, Randy Stafford, will represent us on a select committee that will seek improvements in the PHOF’s existing bylaws to more effectively and clearly delineate board responsibilities and their actions taken to recognize those players and contributors who have so demonstratively represented pickleball in the past. This is a significant challenge, but one whose time has come.

Second, working towards one Hall of Fame means that our efforts will be curtailed to a great extent. Thus, we will NOT be accepting any player or contributor nominations. Should you desire to submit a player or contributor name for future consideration to the Hall of Fame, please follow the guidelines specified on the PHOF website.

Although donations can still be submitted, it’s important that you understand that any donated monies from this point forward (November 18) will primarily go towards the Pickleball Historical Museum (PHM) and NOT to the operations of the HOF. The PHM will continue to gather images, stories, and other data that is significant to pickleball’s history in a virtual museum accessible to all – players and the public. Thus, funding will still be needed for documenting and recording pickleball’s fantastic history. Expect to see the virtual museum coming 2022.

As you go through our website, some of our original wording remains. Just know that we are updating each page to properly reflect our current status for the proposed Hall of Fame changes. For example, the web pages for candidate selection, committees, etc., will all need to be qualified to let the reader know that these have temporarily been suspended. Our apologies if the delayed updates cause any confusion.

There are some other changes, but the preceding are the most significant. As we move toward one unified Hall of Fame, please continue to enjoy our website, and should you have any questions about the unification or suggestions for improvements, let us know using the “Contact Us” page.

Keep having fun with pickleball, the fastest-growing sport in the USA.

Keith H. Wolverton

Chairman of the Board

USA Pickleball Hall of Fame