1. Why was the USA Pickleball Hall of Fame (HOF) established?

This decision was made by the USA Pickleball Board and accordingly, the question should be directed to their attention. However, our mission is twofold, which differs from the other Hall of Fame for pickleball. First, our museum will not only recognize and document inducted members to our own Hall of Fame, but it will specifically capture and provide to our members and the pickleball community pickleball’s history to include all pickleball subjects. For example, how the rules evolved through the years, how ball testing began, who determine paddle specifications, etc. Secondly, we’re changing how inductees are brought into our Hall of Fame. New procedures are even now being developed which significantly differ in the selection methodology from Hall of Fame groups.


2. Are you really independent from USA Pickleball (USAP)?

Our Board is all volunteers and we are independently registered as a legal corporation in the State of Arizona. Consequently, we make our own policies, procedures, and decisions, taking into consideration legal provisions as an affiliate. Candidates nominated for our Hall of Fame are by the members, and the ultimate selection and approval comes down to an HOF Board decision only. USAP officers, staff, and Board members are prohibited from the selection and approval process for new inductees.


3. Why are you planning a virtual Hall of Fame and when do you think it will be done?

A virtual Pickleball Museum/Hall of Fame will allow all viewers access online to some of pickleball’s remarkable history.  This project will follow the paths of other virtual museums/Halls of Fame, which seems to be the trend for the public.  Anyone with internet access will be able to look upon virtual images of some of the great moments of pickleball.  This is a long-term project and will continue indefinitely as pickleball continues to grow. Initially, we plan to have the beginnings of history information available at the conclusion of 2022.


4. Your Nominating Committee seem to be mostly Board members. How is the Board independent from the Nominating Committee?

Board members purposely became Nominating Committee members. Our Committee chairman has extensive experience in running a virtual museum/Hall of Fame, and it is our intent to utilize his past experience, as well as the other Board members, to help ensure that we have an excellent nomination, selection, and approval process.

5. There are two pickleball Halls of Fame. Can an individual be in both at the same time?

We can’t respond for the other organization, but from our perspective, the answer is “Yes”. 


6. Who can nominate an individual for the USA Pickleball HOF?

Any USAP member in good standing can nominate someone for the USA Pickleball Hall of Fame.


7. Why are nominations only accepted from USA Pickleball members?

As an affiliate of USA Pickleball, we value the membership of USAP players. Accordingly, we felt it was appropriate that nominations should be from this group.

8. Who can be nominated to the Pickleball Hall of Fame?

Anyone who meets the basic eligibility requirements listed in the Nominating Procedure and Criteria documents can be nominated, even if that person is not a USA citizen or current USA Pickleball member.

9. How many nominees in a year can be voted into the USA Pickleball HOF?

Currently, up to six nominees may be inducted in each year. However, we have a special group called the Senior Committee, who may identified other appropriate candidates outside of the normal selection process.

10. How will the Voting Panel members be selected?

The Voting Panel will consist of between 13 to 25 members. These USAP members will be a diverse group selected by the USA Pickleball HOF Board.

11. How will the Voting Panel select the USA Pickleball HOF honorees?

The USA Pickleball HOF Nomination Committee will review nominations and then submit a list of nominated individuals to the Voting Panel which then meets to review each submittal before voting on the recommendations.

12. Do you see yourself in competition with the other Hall of Fame?

The answer is no. Other sports have multiple Halls of Fame and our inductees are no less deserving than those that may be selected by the other Hall of Fame. There may some inductees who are in both.

13. Does the USA Pickleball Hall of Fame accept donations?

Yes. Please consider a donation to our HOF. As a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, your donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS and your state regulations. All donations go towards administrative and operating expenses. Developing and continuing to maintain our history museum for members and the public will be one of the larger expenses incurred.

14. I'd like to help the Hall of Fame so what can I do to help?

Your help will be greatly needed in developing a virtual pickleball museum and Hall of Fame.  As we proceed with this project, we’ll be requesting particular categories of digital images from your collections such as players, paddles, court development, etc. Your own participation is putting pickleball’s written history together is also going to be critical in documenting this challenging task.

Lastly, USA Pickleball has been pivotal in providing the initial funding to get us going.  However, those funds are not unlimited.  We are a 501(c)3 organization and your donations of any amount is tax deductible in accordance with IRS and your state regulations. Your donation will help support the development and maintenance of the Pickleball Historical Museum as well as other administrative and operating expenses.