Our Board, after a lengthy discussion, decided in its January 19, 2022, meeting that the Pickleball Historical Museum (PHM) will become a separate website with a possibility of creating a “Pickleball Historical Society” of players and others who will be responsible for putting together the website contents. We recognize that establishing a new website will delay our scheduled opening in January, but feel overall, that it will be for the betterment of the organization in the future.

Opening a new website is not a small task but is one that we take as a challenge with an end goal that will allow all players and the general public to access pickleball information on a real-time basis via the internet. The history of pickleball needs to be thoroughly documented and made available to all. Further, pickleball history is being made each and every day and needs to be captured and documented for the website.

In the near future, we expect to issue plans for having you join our volunteer group of researchers, writers, editors, etc. The society’s sole purpose is to establish a working relationship with players, historians, and others that will effectively document through the written word, pictures, and other media everything pickleball – from the origin of pickleball up to current pickleball tournaments and events on a national and regional level.

As we proceed on this path, your questions could be an essential element in our process. Please address your emails to: We expect the new website to be available in six to eight months and believe it will be well worth the additional time needed for its development. If you can, consider joining our volunteer group working to put this project together.

Lastly, any donations you decide to make on this website will currently go to the Pickleball Historical Museum. Your contributions will help in defraying the expenses for a new website, shipping costs, and other incurred costs.

Thanks for all that you do to help promote pickleball!