Welcome. This page is the beginning of the “Pickleball Historical Museum,” which will be your gateway to pickleball’s unique history. The Museum is much more than a history and biography of the Hall of Fame members. It will encompass the complete and comprehensive history of pickleball to include all related subjects that you may have an interest in. The following is just some of the possible subjects, and of course, it would include related images:

  • Pickleball statistics – How has the number of players grown? What states have the most players? What states have the most tournaments located? What is the age group of the players?
  • Paddle Evolution – Where did the first paddles come from? How have paddled evolved over the decades? What are the standards for approving paddles for tournaments? Player stories about their paddles.
  • Tournaments: What and where were some of the first tournaments held? Who won the tournaments? What was the number of registered players? How have tournaments grown? When did player rating start, and who began this?
  • Courts: Where did the court design come from? Has the court design changed since pickleball’s start? How are courts made, and with what materials? When were the first portable nets available? Unique/unusual court locations with photos.
  • The Pros: Who are they? What tournaments do they play in? Action photos of the Pros in tournaments. What are their histories?
  • Personal Stories: Within your own locality, who were some of the amazing players/achievers, and what were their accomplishments? Who were some of the senior players getting pickleball started within your own area?

As just some of the subjects we will be researching in the future, you may begin to see the magnitude and scope of the work involved in gathering, analyzing, and reporting this information. Further, it will be continuing in nature, constantly being updated as new information is gathered and collated.

How do we expect to do this? First, we’re going to need the help of those pickleball players who have a passion for pickleball and who want to be a member of our team. In the future, we’ll be sending out a notice to join our group as we tackle selected subjects, and your assistance will be critical for putting this data together.

If you have a love for pickleball, enjoy doing investigative work, have basic writing skills, and want to give back to pickleball, then you are already a possible candidate.

For the remainder of 2021, we’ll be working on the initial elements for the Pickleball Historical Museum, and if all the factors come together, the Museum will be up and running beginning 2022.

Want to know more? Think you have an interest? Contact us at info@usap-hof.org. We’d enjoyed hearing from you. More information will be coming soon. So, return to this webpage often.