We’re really excited about the experience you’re about to receive. What’s even more exciting is that this is just the beginning of the data and pictures that will be coming in the future. Each week we expect to grow this folder as you and other players/pickleball enthusiasts start submitting your stories and research information to our site. (Use hof@usapickleball.org)

Can you begin to imagine the possibilities to come? All pickleball and related subjects will be the substance of the PHM web pages. Eventually, and with a lot of work, subject matter will contain the entire alphabet of pickleball-related material, A-Z. And this will just continue to grow each year as pickleball grows and grows.

We have a tentative Table of Contents below, and the subjects selected were some that we thought you might have an initial interest in. We’re working on those right now, and you may find that some of the Table of Contents subjects have the word “Pending” behind the subject. This simply means that we’re working on researching, collecting, collating, writing, reviewing, and editing what to bring to the reader. We want to bring you the best information possible.

Do you think you’d like to help? We really need those individuals who would like to participate putting all this together. If you deeply care about pickleball, feel a need that you can help, and simply like the idea that you’ll helping others to fully appreciate and understand the ins and outs of pickleball, we can use your assistance. Write to us at hof@usapickleball.org, state your ideas, and provide your name and phone number. We’ll take it from there.

There’s so much we need to do now and in the future. You can be a big part of that, and your initial comments about what we’ve done on the website or recommendations for the future will really help us maximize your experience to follow. Keep us in mind!!

Table of Contents

Pioneer Era of Pickleball 1965-2005

History of Pickleball:

  1. Beginning of Pickleball 1965-1969 (Pending)
  2. Development of Pickleball 1970-1999 (Pending)
  3. Setting the stage for the modern game of Pickleball 2000-2005 (Pending)

Early Pioneer Era Tournaments (Pending)

Demographics and Growth of Pickleball during the Pioneer Era (Pending)

Evolution of Pickleball (Pending)

  1. Paddles (Pending)
  2. Balls (Pending)
  3. Courts (Pending)
  4. Nets (Pending)

Evolution of the Rules of Pickleball (Pending)

  1. Beginning development of the rules from early changes (Pending)
  2. Significance of the Non-Volley-Zone (NVZ) (Pending)
  3. Rules changes that formed Pickleball in a significant way (Pending)

Development of USAPA – Governing body of Pickleball (Pending)