The Nomination Committee, appointed and approved by the HOF board of directors, is responsible for setting applicable policies, rules, and procedures along with implementing the nominating process. This includes policy development, guidance, review, and initial voting on the nominations. Nominating procedures may be revised, with the HOF Board’s approval, to satisfactorily address individual situations not covered within the body of this text.

The Nomination Committee is comprised of USAP members in good standing that essentially represent the body of pickleball players. The number of members can vary, but there will be at least five and no more than nine members, consisting of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and At-Large members.

The Nomination Committee is directed to receive the nominations and review them with respect to the eligibility rules set forth by the Nomination Committee and approved by the HOF Board of Directors. 

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A summary of the Nomination Committee’s primary functions are listed below:

  • Receive and initially review candidate applications for completeness of information.
  • Ensure applications meet specified qualification prior to consideration.
  • Verify the completeness and accuracy of submitted nominations.
  • Rank each applicant’s qualifications in relation to other applications.
  • Perform a committee vote to identify the top six applicants.
  • Pass committee’s recommendations to the Voting Panel.

The Committee may be responsible for other functions in order to ensure the final selected candidates are fairly and appropriately evaluated by the Committee.

Meet the USA Pickleball Hall of Fame (HOF)
Nominating Committee members below.

  • Randy Stafford

    Committee Chairman
    USAP-HOF Board Member

  • Bob Unetich

    Committee Vice-chairman
    USAP-HOF Board Member

  • Christopher Thomas

    Committee Secretary
    USAP-USAHOF Board Member

  • Linda Hoggatt

    Committee Member
    USAP-HOF Board Member

  • Jones Wong

    Committee Member
    East Assistant Director of Ambassadors for USA Pickleball

  • Andrea Koop

    Committee Member
    Pro Player