Note: The USAP Hall of Fame Board is presently reviewing the following. Consequently, we expect revisions in the relatively near future

Nominations for next year’s Hall of Fame induction are due no later than April 30, 2022. Nominations received after April 30 will be held for the following year’s consideration. The person nominating a candidate must be a USA Pickleball member in good standing. The nominee is not required to be a member of the USA Pickleball, but must have played their qualifying tournament within the US or its territories. Nominees do not have to be a US citizens to be nominated or inducted into the USA Pickleball Hall of Fame.

NOTE: For any doubles/mixed doubles category, if the two doubles partners have played together, and meet the other criteria, then that doubles team can be nominated as a “team.” In that case, the doubles nomination would only count as one inductee (out of the six max per year) if selected.

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Candidates can be nominated 3 times in a 5 year consecutive period. If this nominee is not accepted within the first 5 years, they must wait an additional 2 years before starting the nomination process within the same category. They could be nominated in another category if their record qualifies them for a different category.

Candidates can be nominated for more than one category during this same 5 year period. If a candidate is rejected twice within first 4 years, they can be nominated for another category (if qualified) in year 5. Candidates are limited to a total of three nomination attempts in 5 years.

A deceased person can be nominated and granted placement, posthumously, into the USA Pickleball  Hall of Fame.

Each year there will be no more than six inductees total. If more than six nominations are approved, the first six to be included in this year will be in the order of the nominations received from people making the nomination. Each application will be time and date stamped for record keeping. There could be exceptions to this rule if the Nomination Committee deems it appropriate and necessary.

Members of the USA Pickleball Board of Directors or staff members of USA Pickleball are not eligible to be nominated until at least 3 years have passed since they were a member of the board or staff. Members of the USA Pickleball HOF board or Nomination Committee or Voting Panel may be nominated for the USA Pickleball HOF at any time, according to the rules as set forth in these documents. Any other volunteer position within USA Pickleball or connected with USA Pickleball can be nominated as set forth in these documents.