Note: The USAP Hall of Fame Board is presently reviewing the following procedures. Consequently, we expect revisions in the relatively near future.

The USA Pickleball Hall of Fame (HOF) has been incorporated and it is affiliated with USA Pickleball  (USAP), the official governing body of the sport. The HOF Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance and management of the organization, including HOF policies and procedures. The procedures in the following tabs will govern the nomination and final selection of candidates proposed for the HOF.

Any USA Pickleball member in good standing can nominate a person. Before submitting a nomination, please use the associated guidelines to complete your application (see Nomination Categories and Nomination Criteria tabs). Along with the application, please submit a cover page detailing your reasons for making the application along with the category. You may accompany this application with support letters from other people if you elect to do so.

Nominating Procedures Summary

• USA Pickleball members submit a completed application either on-line or by mail at any time during the year.

• Applications received are recorded and turned over to the nominating committee.

• Members of the committee review the candidate’s information and performs any additional steps to provide more detailed data and to verify the candidate’s information.

• Committee members vote on all the applications. The top six vote getters are identified and turned over to the Voting Panel.

• The Voting Panel members review the six applications and data.

• To be selected as a final inductee, at least 75% of the Voting Panel members must vote “Yes”.

• Selected candidates are notified.

• An induction ceremony is scheduled, arranged, and held.

• All inductees will be awarded gifts – one of which will be a lifetime membership into the USA Pickleball Association.

If you have questions regarding the nominating procedures, please email them to:

Randy Stafford (Chairman of Nomination Committee)                                                                    —                              Email address: