The purpose of the Voting Panel is to review and to vote for USA Pickleball HOF inductees from nominations forwarded to the panel by the Nomination Committee. The Voting Panel shall be comprised of between 13 to 25 people, all USAP members in good standing, that represent various areas/categories within the sport of pickleball as listed below. 

USA Pickleball HOF committee chairman

Age group national champions

Regional Directors

Top level 5.0/pro players

USA Pickleball members and future USA Pickleball HOF members

Members of the media, historians and industry leaders that are highly respected and knowledgeable within the sport of Pickleball.

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The Voting Panel members will be appointed for a length-of-term as determined by the USA Pickleball HOF board. They may be appointed for additional terms. Both geographic and gender diversity are respected when selecting these Voting Panel members. The board of directors and Nomination Committee members share a responsibility that ensures that the Voting Panel will receive all the information necessary to conduct a fair and equitable review and vote. Voting Panel member names will not be released to the general public.

The Chair of the Nomination Committee will chair the Voting Panel, but is non-voting except to break a tie vote.

For a nominee to be approved by the Voting Panel, they must receive 75% yes votes of the total voting panel members. Example: If total voting panel consists of 16 members, then 75% would be 12 members. There will be two Zoom or electronic meetings to review and discuss the nominations which were sent over from the Nomination Committee. In order to cast a vote, a Voting Panel member must be present at one of the two group sessions. They can attend both meetings if they so choose. Members can cast just one vote and substitute votes are not allowed. Once the meetings have concluded, there will be a vote on each candidate.

The vote will not be taken during the group meetings. An email vote will be sent to the Secretary of the Voting Panel for tabulation and safekeeping. These voting ballots will be kept secret and status of all nominees will be kept confidential.

Once votes are tallied and the USA Pickleball HOF Board has approved the elected nominees, the Chair of the Voting Panel will notify all nominees of the results. Congratulatory letters will be sent to all approved inductees. Formal announcements will be included in the USA Pickleball HOF website, which links to the USA Pickleball website.